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Learn about insurance types

types of insurance

The insurance policy can cover anything in life, but there are important types that everyone who plans for

their financial future, and for a comfortable and happy life, must be aware of and aware of.

health insurance:

Health insurance is one of the most important types of

an individual can care about; Because

health is the most important thing in human life, and it helps him to live better, And fulfilling all his wishes

in life, because a person who does not have health may not be able to get treatment, or to pay

for it if exposed to a disease or health-related accident, It is worth mentioning that the employer can

provide health to his employees, and health can be a personal effort.

life insurance:

Life is important, especially for people who own a family, and have children. This type of

can solve many problems, such as: Repayment of a deceased person’s debt, or reimbursement

of lost income as a result of death, Or pay for children’s university education, and as mentioned earlier,

employers can provide their employees with this type of . and many companies

providing adequate and affordable coverage, The period covered by this insurance is 5-30 years. if it is for

a certain period, in addition to the fact that there is permanent covering the whole life, if the premium continues to be paid.

property insurance:

property, which is mandatory when there is a mortgage; In other words, borrowing from the

bank; To buy a home, for example, in which case a person is required to insure the property, and property

is considered important for the owners; Because it protects and reimburses them in the event of fire, theft or disaster.

car insurance:

There are a lot of funds that require people who own cars to insure their cars, as well as in the case of

buying a car by borrowing, in which case is summarized in two types: liability ; It

covers damage to the other vehicle in the event of an accident to the insured and collision

covering damage to the insured’s vehicle, and most car policies cover deaths due to traffic

accidents if the insured is legally responsible s , but the higher the coverage, the greater the amount paid in the way of premiums.

fire insurance:

This type of insurance compensates for losses caused by fires, explosions and lightning, whether these

losses were caused to movable property, such as contents or immovable property, such as factories or

commercial offices, and may also involve fire for other types of hazards, which must be

attached to the policy, such as thefts, earthquakes or vehicle falls.

Public Accident Insurance:

This type of insurance includes theft , public liability, workers’ compensation, livestock

professional liability , security of security and cash during transfer from the bank to customers.

marine insurance:

In maritime insurance, protection is provided for goods shipped by sea, air, road or rail. If they are hit by a

crocodile, the cargo owners are compensated for losses to their goods during transport or shipment due to the risks agreed in the insurance policy.

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