New Toyota Fellowes 2024 Veloz

Toyota has done many experiments and tests in the past and combines many elements to offer an ideal

combination in the form of the best economical family car And in 2024, the company has already

succeeded in providing the perfect combination of elegance, comfort and savings And so we got an

economical, bold family car with an exceptional view, The automaker named the final product of this experiment as Toyota Fellowes 2024.

We know the specifications of the all-new Toyota Fellowes 2023 in Saudi Arabia. We will highlight all the

possibilities that make it the best example of comfortable family cars. The following points illustrate the most important aspects of the Toyota Veloz 2023:

Engine and Performance

As we mentioned at the beginning, the 2023 Toyota Fellowes has a very economical fuel consumption

rate of 19.3 km/l, This puts it in tight competition with other family SUV models in the markets and the

addition of a 7-speed CVT also contributed to this excellent rate, The CVT system is known for its high

flexibility in transporting between speeds without placing an overload on the motor, thus decreasing the rate of consumption.

Tati Car Toyota Fellowes With Dual 4 Cylinder VVT-i With 1.5L 1500C This engine generates a horsepower

of 104 horsepower and 138 Nm torque with a front propulsion system connected to the CVT

transmission, The fuel tank capacity is 43 litres, and it should be noted that the VVT-i dual engine adapts

smoothly to the speed desired by the driver as well as the payload in the car, which also contributes to fuel consumption.

exterior design

Toyota has been able to intrigue a large group of people just by revealing a 2024 Fellowes, so how can a

family car have such high elegance and fluidity? But this was not impossible in the Toyota Veloz 2024, as the exterior of this car consists of the following:

Toyota Fellowes External Accessories

Toyota Veloz features a black front grille and front fog detectors surrounded by a chrome-fed frame, with

LED headlights Front turn signals with sequential lighting, 17-inch aluminum wheels Also electric side

mirrors in the color of the chassis with inflection signals, Even roof beams, plus LED rear lamps connected to each other, so is a rear suite.

Toyota Fellowes External Dimensions 2024

  • Length: 4,475 mm
  • Width: 1,750 mm
  • Height: 1,700 mm

interior design

The new Fellowes feature in a space of 7 passengers including the driver, the family members will sit on

very comfortable seats thanks to the company’s combination of velvet and leather ores. Unlike many 7

seater SU cars available in local markets, Toyota Fellowes has enough head and legroom in all seats.

Leather-clad steering wheel is adjustable and equipped with control buttons, leather transmission handle,

audio and entertainment system with 6 headphones, wireless charger, and USB ports for first and second

row seats, as well as rear air conditioning system for second and third row of seats, with brake control

buttons (Electronic Breakfast and Auto Hold), 8-inch screen supports Apple Car Play, 7-inch driving information screen, folding back seats to increase storage space.

Safety and Safety System

We got to the most important part of all the car specifications Family cars in Saudi Arabia are subject to

an important test, and the buyer wishes to be confident in the vehicle’s ability in various circumstances

without any passengers in danger. And we can say that the Toyota Fellowes 2024 deservedly passed this test, They provide a sophisticated package of security and protection systems, as follows:

Toyota Fellowes 2024 features electric parking brakes With a temporary parking system, so does an.

antilock brake Altitude Assistance System, with Balance Control System , slip control system, emergency

stop signal tyre pressure monitoring system, plus background sensors to help stand system, even rear

camera, front and side airbags, plus anti-theft protection system to prevent engine operation with alarm.

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