New Toyota Rise 2024 Toyota Raize

Toyota Rise 2024 Toyota Raize

The new Japanese public car adopts a more modern and vibrant lifestyle Toyota Rise 2024 Toyota Raize

came as usual with a version that integrates process and vitality in a modern lifestyle that many drivers

are looking for, and you probably won’t expect the strong stability of a family-style Toyota Rise 2023, and what it can offer at the level of comfort while driving.

Engines and Performance

Toyota Rise 2024 Toyota Raize engines differentiate depending on the class type with simple differences, but share the engine connection to a CVT automatic transmission.

It comes with a 1-litre triple engine powered by a turbocharged, generates 97 horsepower and 140 Nm/m torque, while the fuel consumption rate is 19.3 km/m.

It comes with a 1.2 litre triple engine, generates 87 horsepower and 113 Nm/m torque, while the fuel consumption rate is up to 20.2 km/l.

exterior design

The Toyota Rise 2024 Toyota Raize exterior gives a youthful impression, resembling Toyota’s other SU V

SUV range while maintaining its own identity, and mention some of the car’s external advantages:

Toyota Rise 2024 Toyota Raize features a black grid that occupies a large front-end space for a car, side

mirrors with electric control and a turning signal, and has 17 “aluminum strips, LED lamps on the front

and back, daytime LED lighting on both sides of the front grid, and this feature is twisted by class type.

interior design

Toyota was able to create an area of spaciousness for the driver; The interior design has been harnessed

for its comfort and service as if the car is constantly welcoming, and this is clearly reflected in these features and techniques:

Toyota Rise 2024 Toyota Raize has a velvet interior seating tent, driver-oriented entertainment screen,

handlebar control buttons, a box of up to 369L storage, AUX input, Apple Car Play, with USB connectivity, four speakers and a manual air conditioner

Safety and Safety System

A range of safety systems are available in Toyota Rise 2024 Toyota Raize, the most prominent of which

are: Rear Camera and Sensors, Stealing Protection System via Engine Stop, Stabilization Control System,

Brake Support Technology, Altitude Ascent Assistance System, Balance Control System, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, 2 Airbags, Safety Bag.

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