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types of credit cards

balance transfer card

Balance Transfer Credit Cards (“Balance Transfer Credit Cards”) are cards that offer a low introductory rate

on balance transfers over a period of time. Offers for this type of card vary according to the promotional interest rate and the length of the promotional period.

rewards card

Rewards Credit Cards (English: Rewards Credit Cards) are cards that offer rewards to customers when

making purchases using them. These cards are divided into three main types: travel cards, points cards,

and cashback cards. Individuals’ preference for the types of these cards varies according to the nature of their personal expenses.

Student Card

Students Credit Cards are cards that are tailored to the needs of university students. This type of

features many additional features that make it different from other credit cards, including: varied rewards, low financial interest rate and other features.

charge cards

Charge Cards are a type of credit card, also called debit cards; These cards do not have a spending limit in

advance, require the full payment of their balances by the end of the month, and often do not rely on any shipping fees or minimum financial payments; The full balance is payable.

secured credit card

Secured Credit Cards is a type of credit that is an option for people without any credit history, or

who have suffered credit damage. These cards need to deposit a sum of money for insurance, and the

card’s credit limit is often equal to the value of the deposited amount, and sometimes more.

prepaid credit card

Prepaid Cards is a that must be shipped with money prior to use. Purchases are paid from the card’s financial balance and can only be spent after being shipped with more money.

ATM card

ATM card is defined as the used to withdraw cash from the bank account using the PIN code s

account immediately after withdrawal, The amount that can be withdrawn daily is subject to the

conditions of the daily permitted withdrawal limit The total balance in the account can also be verified using this and funds transferred from one account to another.

In contrast, an online banking ATM cannot be used, nor can it be used to pay for purchases on online shopping sites or in retail stores.

smart card

Smart is defined as a credit type and an electronic payment method. which includes an

integrated circuit integrated with an internal memory chip, the connects directly to the reader or

through wireless telecommunication And this card has a great ability to store data thanks to the compact

micro control unit, In addition to its ability to interact intelligently with the reader, encryption of

information and mutual authentication, making this the safest and most reliable type of card.

This card can be used remotely or contactlessly, as it can be used when making contactless purchases

with electronic payment devices because it has technology (NFC), which allows payment information to

be obtained and transmitted to the dealer wirelessly once the is rounded to the payment device

approximately 1.5 cm away. On the other hand, its most significant shortcomings are the lack of

infrastructure that supports it, as well as the ease of being lost as a result of its lightweight.

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